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JumpStart (known as Jump Ahead in the United Kingdom) is an educational media franchise for children, consisting mostly of educational games, produced by JumpStart Games. The series originally consisted of a series of educational PC games but has since expanded to include workbooks, direct-to-video films, mobile apps, and other media, including a massive multiplayer online game located at JumpStart.com, that were launched on March 10, 2009.

An angry billing representative shared this review: "I was hired at JumpStart as an account representative, My training was THE WORST the manager was dismissive, rude, unknowable. He was no help ever.! this was this worst place I have ever worked. I worked off an old cell phone that had the worst reception, I tried to tell the billing manager when he would come into work and he just ignored me.I did not have the support to do my job. I am not sure what experience he had but he was very unprofessional. We my coworkers were told to not talk to any other person other then RL the billing manager. He would come into work for about 2 hr and leave for the rest of the day. when this company finally employed a HR manager I told her everything I was completely honest. Well that got me no where, and nothing was done. DON'T WORK HERE!!! PAY IS NOT GOOD AND U WILL WORK FOR A HORRIBLE MANAGER, WHAT IS THE OWNER OF THIS COMPANY THINKING!!! HE HAS NO CLUE HOW THIS MAN STEALS FROM THIS COMPANY!"


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Billing Representative (Former Employee) says

"I was hired as a accounts receivable, My training was THE WORST the manager was dismissive, rude, unknowable. he was no help ever.! this was this worst place I have ever worked. I worked off an old cell phone that had the worst reception, I tried to tell the billing manager when he would come into work and he just ignored me.I did not have the support to do my job. I am not sure what experience he had but he was very unprofessional. We my coworkers were told to not talk to any other person other then RL the billing manager. He would come into work for about 2 hr and leave for the rest of the day. when this company finally employed a HR manager I told her everything I was completely honest. Well that got me no where, and nothing was done."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Pay is extremely low with no wiggle room. Not understanding if you get gravely I'll, management still expects you to come in. Consistently sexually harassed by management. Did not want me having a second job. Cons: Harassment, low pay, high expectations"

CASHIER (Former Employee) says

"i learned how to deal with people on drugs. Many of the Customers where on drugs. Although we did have a lot of normal regulars that made the job bearable. Working there did nothing but stress me out. Cons: its all cons."


"High turnover, not great pay, not great culture, very stressful environment. Learned corporate grants and great to see many entrepreneurs. On the verge of something great, just need to change culture."

Cashier/Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"They will schedule only one person for a shift and will critizie or critique if you’re to busy due to customers in order to clean up to their standards. Cons: No breaks, stressful"

Corps member (Former Employee) says

"The children are great, but you are underpaid as it’s a service position not a proper job. You teach children and learn curriculum, but the compensation is not worth the effort. Cons: It doesn’t really lead anywhere except more low paid high stress jobs with children."

Automotive Technician/Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"Manager is not a good person to work with nor communicate with. Has a really bad temper and should not be the face of the company. Customers and employees should all be treated with respect and she doesn’t do that."

RBT (Former Employee) says

"The work culture is great amongst the RBT’s. They really helped each other and are the only good things that the place had to offer besides the amazing kids. Management can’t really figure out how to support the RBT’s in a way that is beneficial to everyone. The training process used to be very long and you couldn’t get raises in a timely manor but they recently have fixed the training . They are very worried about gossip when they need need to be worried about how their employees are feeling. The job as an rbt is really taxing emotionally and physically. The really claim that they care about the RBT’s and don’t want them to get burned out but when it is voiced that people are getting burnt out it goes unheard unless you are higher in seniority but even then sometimes it goes unheard. It’s really hard to get raises after your initial increase coming out of training. The ceo is clearly in the business for his own benefit and that trickles down into the rest of the employees. Even some parents could see that the focus was not the clients anymore. They claim to be very flexible in your work schedule and even offer part time but you have to be available Monday-Friday which makes it very stressful if your a full time student and also like most people have a life outside of work and school. There are some people in upper management who everyone is unsure of what they actually do as their job. It’s great work experience but overall very taxing and stressful. If you are fresh out out of high school and are looking for a career this might be a good place for you. It really discouraged Cons: Underpaid, taxing emotionally and physically, offer part time but you have to be able to work m-f. A lot of he said she said."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I have physical issues that keep me from moving quickly at times, they weren’t too accommodating, then the proceeded to treat me as if I were just flat out lazy and wasn’t trying"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I wasn't that bad just not enough pay...But it was close to home and I got along great with everyone. Cons: pay"

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Where do I begin? The owner's are stuck people, rich people. You're below them! The upper management is a joke. They never agree. Always talking bad about the other. No support what-so-ever! I worked hard & wasnt compensated for my work. Just be prepared to be treated like a number. Oh & when the virus began, no protection!"

Market Research Intern (Former Employee) says

"Small company but a good experience for anyone that is interested in start ups"

Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"This job felt like an unpaid internship. If you want to persue your career in the field of child development or become a teacher then this is the job for you. But if not, stay away and look for a better part time job. That will pay you well and compensate you well. You are getting paid barely 10 hours a week ! And the rest of the hours you have to commit to work for free. Our supervisor wasn’t the best. No reimbursement! Cons: Under paid, low hours, temporary, no reimbursement"

Crop Member (Former Employee) says

"The job was pretty cool but sometimes was very difficult while working there. I'm only saying that because we seen what these children had to go there with family wise and education. Cons: No Benefits"

Receptionist/admin (Former Employee) says

"I felt like i didnt learn much because they were so disorganized. i didnt feel like i got the proper training i needed. i went in there learning everything on my own (self taught) a typical day at work was very stressful. Cons: not consistent"

Clerk/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"This job was pretty easy. But there were alot of things I found wrong with it. The management being the main one. If you worked anything over 40 hours a week you would get paid cash for those extra hours. Lets say you worked 50 hours in one week, those extra 10 hours would be paid in cash. and it took me 3 weeks to get my first check on a job that paid every week."

Volunteer Counselor- (Supervised Ten children) says

"The children got attached to me. The other counselors was also great to be around. Nice working environment, lot's of trips and outings. Cons: Short Breaks"

independant Contractor (Current Employee) says

"Very good boss. I learned how to drive a box truck!! The management is nice and undestandable. The best part of the job is team work!"

Corps Member - Team Leader Assistant (Current Employee) says

"It was a great experience. I love working with kids, especially teaching preschol. However, I believe the management and organization of the company could be better. A typical day would be going into the classroom and setting up for the day. We did reading and then we did circle time and moved on to free play. I learned that every child learn and develops at a different pace. The hardest part of the job was keeping up with the families and the most enjoyable part of the job was getting to teach the kids overall."

Corp Member (Current Employee) says

"Jumpstart is a great program. I was given the chance to help on pre-schoolers in low come areas."

Former Employee - Corps Member says

"I worked at Jumpstart full-time Cons: No guidance, too much assigned"


"I have been working at Jumpstart Cons: Along with asking students to backdate forms and lie about dates to account for Jumpstart’s lack of internal systems -this is a whole other issue- we also ask them to work for free at some sites. Somehow, Jumpstart has convinced some major institutions that asking struggling undergrads to work for free is the way to go. Go Jumpstart! I’m extremely disappointed with this program. They are really missing the mark here. If you want to break cycles of poverty, this is completely wrong. You can’t ask work-study students to volunteer to dodge paying work-study fees. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. You are asking students to take up more debt or find other jobs to pay for their Jumpstart service.... YOU are perpetuating the cycles of poverty. What were you thinking when you came up with the idea to ask financially strapped students to work without pay and then normalizing this? This is why the teacher shortages exist. Jumpstart’s practices are mind blowing and counterintuitive to the mission. The systems are truly a mess. People are noticing and non-student staff turn-over rate shows it."

Former Employee - Site Manager says

"I worked at Jumpstart full-time Cons: There are serious staffing shortages. The workload is redistributed amongst its existing staff. We have no choice but to accept the absurd demands because everyone else is doing it too. It’s normal here. We get encouraging reminders for the many things they need us to do in a short amount of time. Jumpstart knows that we care deeply about our students and the mission. They remind us how the excessive workload is in the name of “serving the children.” That’s all fine and dandy but will you be paying us for our 12 hour work days? Is it fair to ask someone to work unfair conditions because they care about your organization? Do you care about the children and the cause enough to support your staff to get this work done in an ethical and fair way? Do you care about the children and the cause enough to notice that passionate and dedicated staff are leaving in droves because of these conditions? It’s obvious we care about the children and cause. It is not right to use this as a tool to propagate unfair work standards. We are not oblivious to the fact that the support staffing is reduced every year and the work remaining is silently tacked onto our growing list of responsibilities. Do you understand why there is backlash from institutions we parter with?"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Jumpstart part-time Cons: Lack of professionalism Low pay Lack of clear communication on what is expected of Team Leaders Speedy training process, that is not executed correctly"

Current Employee - Site Manager says

"I have been working at Jumpstart full-time for more than a year Cons: -Organization views communities of color and educators in low-income neighborhoods with a deficit perspective -Curriculum is NOT research-based; it does not take into account individual children's interests and repeats the same curriculum annually -Site staff is paid poorly and often below what other entry-level positions on a university campus are paid. For site staff, work expectations exceed pay for a non-profit organization; executive team, however, is paid very well -Pay for college students is abysmal. Often requires college volunteers (many of whom are on financial aid) to work a second job to supplement their earnings"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Jumpstart full-time Cons: Fulltime staff suffer low-morale; despite big national reputation this organization struggles year to year; national leadership not held accountable."

Site Manager says

"I have been working at Jumpstart Cons: Completely unstable company to work for. Rarely any pay raises and no room for growth"

Employee - Not A Paid Volunteer says

"I worked at Jumpstart for more than 5 years Cons: Two massive layoffs in 2 years and constantly shifting priorities, duties, staff, and supervisors make for a very stressful work environment. Each year the funding is less and less. Every 9 months, employees have to wonder if their position/site will be funded for the next year. Supervisors either dodge working at all or control all information to give themselves a sense of importance and job security. This is not that way organizations should be run."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Jumpstart full-time for less than a year Cons: I worked at Jumpstart from 2008-2011. At that time the board had named an operations guy to be CEO, and he proved unsuited to the role. Upon joining, I watched him destroy several highly creative directors and managers who didn't fit his notion of process-above-all. I gave him credit for trying to self-correct, but he was simply too abrasive in approach and corrosive to morale. Since leaving, I have seen the organization flail about with a succession of leaders who all tried their best...but failed. It seems to continue even today. I wish it were not so, because the core mission is truly great."

Site Manager says

"I worked at Jumpstart Cons: Salary is not competitive compared to other non profits doing similar work Mismanagement of finances - I have little faith in the leaders controlling the purse strings or raising the money Lack of professional development and upward trajectory for site managers means you'll likely be pushed out before receiving a promotion and their "promotions" are usually in name only. i.e. there's no financial difference between being a Senior Site Manager and a Site Manager."

Sheriff says

"I subscribed to the plus plan and the business was formed in 3 days. I understand the IRS was closed due to COVID-19 and this caused some delay in getting EIN approved. Finally, the EIN was approved after a month and a week the company was formed. The last step is to open a bank account as included in the package. They promised 3-5 days and never heard anything from them after the fifth day. I sent several messages to the support and never got a reply. I later discovered they have 2 support agents (Marie and Bryan). I sent a message to Bryan and got a reply on the second day. They started the bank opening process at the same time Bryan replied. I was expecting the bank credentials, and up till now, they are yet to send that. I decided to reset my password to proceed with the bank myself as Mercury allows direct sign-up. Upon login, I noticed they stopped at step 6. They are supposed to upload the EIN document and they never did. I mailed the support team again to send the EIN document for me to proceed myself since they failed to do their job as promised. Up till this moment, nobody replied to my message. They are very quick to reply to pre-sale inquiries but ignore after-sales support which is very bad. Their incompetency has really caused a delay in launching my SaaS website. I can't proceed with the payment gateway when the bank account is not ready. All I'm asking for is the EIN document for me to complete the process."

Renier Human says

"I took the leap of faith thinking this business was offering a legit service. Well, 4 weeks later, and I can confidently confirm this business has all the characteristics of a fraudulent service based on the following reasons as based on my first hand experience: 1. On July 10, 2020, I paid $ 431.00 for a Pro Plan for a LLC to be registered in Wyoming. Today August 03, 2020, and this company has done absolutely nothing, not even a name availability search, and I am totally convinced that it was their intention all along not to do anything. 2. Customer support is non-existing. You will write e-mails without end just to not receive a response. When you write an e-mail enquiring about the never-ending technical issues you will experience with their dysfunctional 'dashboard', none of the technical issues will be resolved, and no-one will answer your enquiries. The strange part is when you send them an e-mail, you will receive an auto-response mail stating they will get back to you within 36 - 48 hours "due to high e-mail volumes". They never get back to you. However, while they cannot respond to your e-mails after you paid them, they are extremely quick to answer all the enquiries and e-mails sent to them BEFORE payment is made, and they are just as active on their social media accounts while too busy to respond to paid service enquiries. The company is extremely efficient in responding to enquiries before payment to lure prospective targets into making payment, but as soon as that payment was successful, they will ignore you to focus on getting other targets to 'buy' their services that do not exist. Bottomline: Customer Support only exists until you make payment. 3. Based on the payment receipt provided, Jumpstart Filings Inc operates from 8 The Green, Dover, Delaware. This is also the address for The Delaware Company House LLC which offers virtual office services to businesses. What this means is that this company has no physically known presence anywhere, and it is operated virtually from anywhere unknown, possibly even from outside the US territory. Nobody knows. Also, upon further investigation, the address indicated on this review platform as 2400 North 2nd Street, Minneapolis, belongs to a legitimate business named Mother Co., Plants, and it has no relation to Jumpstart Filings whatsoever. So, if you paid these people for one of their advertised services, then I recommend you do whatever it takes to instate criminal proceedings against them. Will you get your money back? I don't think so, and I say this based on my written request for a refund which they have ignored until now."



Santiago Fernández says

"Payed for the Pro Plan at the beginning of May, got our Certificate of Filing in a couple of days which was great, the support team up to that point had been very quick and responsive. Next up was the EIN application, we had been warned that there were some delays because the IRS was closed or at least slowed down due to the pandemic. First ETA I got was June 1st (3 weeks). I contacted them a few days after June 1st and was told to wait a couple of weeks tops. Contacted them again on June 23, they told me now end of June at the latest. Contacted again July 7 after independence weekend, different person on the chat, told me 2 weeks more! Contacted support via email this time to complain, automatic response said to wait up to 72 hours for a reply, it's been a week and still no answer from them. It is now the end of July, almost 3 months since payment and EIN is stuck and no detailed info has been given to us. Filed with a different service A MONTH AFTER doing it with Jumpstart and we already have Certificate, EIN and Bank Account ready."

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